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Round tube electromagnet

DO1611 Round Tube Electromagnet-H4 Mini Lens Electromagnet


 Product Brief

  One: versatility

  1.1: Body size: diameter 16mm, length 11mm

  1.2: Voltage range: DC3V~DC48V

  1.3: Suitable stroke: 0-5mm, recommended within 3mm

  1.4: Strength: according to the different power and stroke, the strength can be customized

  1.5: Working style: push type (S)/pull type (L) optional,

  1.6: Reset method: spring reset

  Two: electrical parameters

  Model: DO1611L/S round tube electromagnet

  2.1: Reference value

Power on rate=100%X power on time/power on time+power off time 100% 50% 25% 10%
Continuous power Power on
Maximum power-on time (seconds) 120 10 2
Power W (20℃) 2.8 5.6 11.2 25
Model-DC voltage Current (A)/Resistance (Ω)
DO1611L/S -6V 0.47/12.9 0.93/6.4 1.86/3.2 6.67/0.9
DO1611L/S -12V 0.23/61.4 0.47/25.7 0.93/12.9 3.33/3.6
DO1611L/S -24V 0.12/205.7 0.23/102.9 0.47/51.4 1.67/14.4

  2.2: Insulation resistance: 220MΩ between coil and frame (DC500V normal temperature/humidity)

  2.3: Withstand voltage: AC1200V (50/60Hz) 1Sec (breakdown current 10mA) (between coil and housing)

  2.4: Working temperature, humidity -5℃~+55℃, 5%RH-85%RH

  2.5: No damage, cracks, rust, or stains on the surface


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