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Three Growths in Life-How Much Have You Grew


  Throughout my life, I have experienced many ups and downs since childhood, and many things have allowed us to continuously learn and summarize, so that we become more mature and stable. But here, Deang electromagnet manufacturers kindly reminded us to constantly reflect on the three costs of life.


  Things go against the original. When you find that things are not what you want, what will you do? This is the first thing you have experienced in life. After all, no one does everything as you wish. And when it happens, many people will be angry, why the anger is so; then annoyed, why they didn't seize the good time at the beginning; and finally compromise and confess.

  But when we learn to change, we grow. Reflecting on yourself, changing things that were not suitable for you, absorbing new knowledge and moving towards your previous goals, it is more pragmatic than anger and more progressive than compromise. This process is bitter but the joy of growth will also be sweet.


  This is the second thing in our cost experience when we find that no matter how hard we work after the change. The second thing we have to learn to be content is another grown up ... This is a very keyword in this stage.

  We need to try to accept and make more efforts, but sometimes, manpower can't dominate the sky. We need to treat this stage as a process of self-accumulation and self-improvement. Can't be discouraged. Facing the tolerance of reality, bravely accept it all.

  Fight for

  Knowing that some things are destined to be inconclusive, I will still try my best. It's also possible to change, pay so much, and let us be content. Don't let life run out of corners. This is the worst time. Many people will accept real life and live a trivial life every day, without pursuing goals and motivation, and without expectations and ideals. This is unacceptable. What we need is more to fight for, not to slack off, not for the so-called result, just for ourselves, for the value of living.

  Only three times of growth will make us successful.

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