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An Analysis of No Life Deang for You


  Scan code payment, UnionPay, online payment and other methods have become more and more popular in recent years. Sometimes when I talk with friends, I ask if you don't bring a penny in your pocket. Do you dare to go out? Without hesitation Say "Dare".

  Yes, with more and more payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay, many people think that cash is no longer a necessity. The so-called mobile phone is in my hand, and I leave the world. And Alipay's arrogance: To promote China's entry into a cashless society within 5 years has aroused heated discussions from all walks of life.

  Now some people are used to having a mobile phone without cash. I usually swipe my card to and from work, and I can pay for my meals, online shopping and rent payment with my mobile phone. The key is that a small editor can use WeChat payment method to buy a small dish in the vegetable market.

  With the rapid development of the Internet and third-party payment industries and the improvement of social governance, even remote small counties and small vendors have joined the trend of cashless payments based on convenience. Not only young people, but also more and more middle-aged and elderly people are beginning to accept and get used to the “sweep mobile phone” consumption method.

  In fact, the popularity and promotion of mobile payments such as Alipay and WeChat make us use cash less and farther away. A cashless society does not mean that the entire society has no cash at all, but refers to an economic model dominated by electronic payments. The whole society has a very low rate of cash usage, and people can use electronic payment methods to spend without obstacles.

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