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Thad incident makes us more and more rational


  From the Diaoyu Island incident to the current "Sade" storm, the official protest was issued for the first time. As citizens, many people have consciously participated in patriotic actions. Of course, as people ’s overall awareness improves, the performance of patriotic actions has increased More and more rational.

  During the Diaoyu Island incident, the Japanese behavior provoked a strong reaction from the Chinese. Not many people spontaneously took to the streets, condemning Japan ’s bad behavior, and expressing their patriotism. At that time, defending sovereignty, defending territories, and upholding justice were formed in the country. Strong momentum. Especially in big cities, this atmosphere is deeply felt. Of course, there were a few people behind the incident under the banner of "patriotism" and participated in a series of violent activities such as smashing cars, smashing stores, and arson.

  And this year's "Sade" incident in China, the people and society "punished" Rakuten incidents have begun to appear: Some Chinese people held boycotts, and other online malls removed Lotte products, gave up purchasing Korean products, etc ... Judging from the information reported in the news, they are also resisting making the editor feel more and more rational now.

  Patriotism requires reason. Nationalization of the Diaoyu Islands is unacceptable. We are opposed to Sade ’s entry into Korea. After all, these are directly related to national security. With the same patriotism, all people have the right to express their indignation, patriotism and passion, but it needs to be reasonable, and what individual people have done before, such as smashing, violence, etc., but the result of this is in themselves The victims on the land are still their own countrymen.

  In today's society ruled by law, there is no reason to do illegal things under the name of patriotism, to abide by the law, not to do illegal things, to rationally express your personal patriotic behavior, such as buying foreign Goods, small outbound games, etc. It is also possible to do illegal things in the name of "patriotism". Everyone may be the next "victim".

  Behavior needs to be rational, and patriotism needs to be rational. You don't need to verbally every day. We need to understand that disputes and disputes will eventually be settled reasonably, but this is based on a solid foundation of comprehensive national strength, not just rhetoric.

  We have the obligation and responsibility to maintain the integrity of the country's territory and sovereignty, take the overall situation of the country as the most important, calmly and rationally express our emotions, consciously maintain social order, and promote the modernization of the country with practical actions. Only in this way can we better unite the defense of national dignity and the country The powerful force of interests has won more understanding, respect and support from the international community.

  As a professional manufacturer of electromagnets, all my colleagues work hard to do their job. Do your best to make your own contribution to the country.

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