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A sense of crisis-the middle-aged crisis makes us worth pondering


  In the recent past, I believe that everyone has seen reports of Huawei's layoffs. First of all, we don't care about the truth of the matter, but this book puts forward some personal views.

  When people reach middle age, backbones play an important role in most factories. Of course, quite a lot of people think that in a factory, they have long-term working hours and are old employees. They don't ask for anything else, they just want to get a high salary. Take it, the middle-aged crisis that this editor needs to talk about refers to this kind of people.

  Correspondingly, as a company, the company and its employees have a mutual relationship, and everyone develops and grows together. It is difficult for the employees to get the company's return. Conversely, how much the company pays for it depends on the value the employees bring. It is impossible for a company to hire an incompetent employee at a high salary.

  This time, Huawei's layoffs have warned many middle-aged friends to advise those over 30 years of age who don't struggle to count money in bed. Now any company is unwilling to raise these idle people. Of course, being an employee will definitely have emotions, but ask a company what pays you a high salary every year / month, and when you have no value to the company, why do you get such a high salary.

  For all companies, old employees are also the core of the company, but on the other hand they are also a burden on the company. This is the modern enterprise. Pursuing benefits and efficiency, rejecting idle people can make those who work hard better. Young people are more energetic and energetic with the same work issues. He works harder and values ??the job more. There is more room for improvement than for older employees who are worthless with high salaries.

  In China, I believe that many companies have this way of employing people. One thing can be done if it can be done, and it can be left to capable people. If you are unemployed, you can naturally have social security to support, and the company is not obliged to pay high salaries (this is a bit biased, of course, I would like to know if any company is willing to spend a high price to support a mixed-life person).

  Of course, we also have to admit that when you squeeze out your value, it will be apathetic to kick you away. It is not human, and it is not worth following. But for companies that are pursuing benefits and efficiency, this is also an inevitable rule. They can be considerate. Sometimes they should stand on the other side's force field to imagine. As a company paying high salaries, it is a valuable employee. The results brought by employees are directly linked to the enterprise.

  The above are some views of Deang Electromagnet manufacturers. For discussion only!

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