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Huawei successfully made us more worthy of experience


  The frequency of mobile phone replacement has become higher and higher. As users, we only care about the quality of the mobile phone and the cost-effectiveness, and rarely focus on the mobile phone industry.

  In the past two days, I accidentally saw an article, which made me feel more of giving, and the same is done for production enterprises. Many companies or enterprises are worthy of reflection.

  The engine that Huawei phones take off is-a huge investment

  In 2012, Huawei's mobile phone research and development costs were close to 900 million yuan, more than 10% of total revenue. In 2012 alone, 5,000 research and development personnel were recruited. By the beginning of 2012, Huawei's mobile phone R & D personnel had reached about 8,000. At the same time, Coolpad, which has the largest number of R & D personnel in other large mobile phone manufacturers in China, was just over 1,000, most of whom were in the range of 200-300.

  In 2012, Huawei's global marketing expenses for terminal products amounted to US $ 200 million, and its annual investment has increased.

  Huawei has established 16 R & D centers around the mobile terminal, including an aesthetics research center in the fashion capital Paris, a design institute in the global design center London, an algorithm research center in Russia with the most mathematicians, Japan has a miniaturized design and quality control research center. The Huawei American Research Institute focuses on radio frequency, operating systems, chips, software, and big data, and has established an innovation center in Silicon Valley. The European Research Institute focuses on 5G.

  Core Competitiveness Wins

  An important factor in Huawei's take-off process by building premium models was the creation of core competitiveness. Huawei's self-developed mobile phone chip is an important weapon for its success.

  Since Ascend D1, the first high-end machine released by Huawei in 2012, Huawei's flagship models have been developed by the company's own HiSilicon chips, which strongly supports Huawei's high-end machine differentiation strategy.

  The first is support for the starting point.

  Secondly, in terms of product performance indicators and differentiated characteristics, the power of Shanghai Sichip provides Huawei mobile phones with unique and differentiated competitive advantages. Behind every high-end boutique phone of Huawei is the Hisilicon chip.

  In February 2016, the U.S. chip authority magazine recently assessed that Huawei Hisilicon chips surpassed Apple to rank sixth in global chip design.

  The R & D expenditure of Kirin 920 is as high as US $ 200 million, which is 1.7 times the total investment of Godson in the past 15 years.

  Relative to the above statistics, we have to think carefully about how much and how much each company has invested for itself? Corresponding to the ancient Chinese saying that there must be a response to the payment, and there is no short-term return. Electromagnet manufacturers. In 2017, Deang Electronics will invest in all-round processing and pay more for new glory!

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