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15 2019-11

Are DC electromagnets the same as AC electromagnets?


DC electromagnets are not the same as AC electromagnets. Strictly speaking, the addition of a rectifier to the AC electromagnet can be used as a DC electromagnet, but there are essentially different differences between the two. The division of main workers can be explained from the following points.

15 2019-11

Instructions for extending the delivery of second-generation rotary electromagnets


Rotary electromagnet is a high-end product of our company, and has been recognized by customers for its stability, reliability and durability.

15 2019-11

A sense of crisis-the middle-aged crisis makes us worth pondering


In the recent past, I believe that everyone has seen reports of Huawei's layoffs. First of all, we don't care about the truth of the matter, but this book puts forward some personal views.

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